5 Tips for Surviving Your First Few Months of BJJ

White BJJ belt on black martial arts mat

Starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be physically and mentally draining, especially as a white belt. Here are 5 tips to help you survive and thrive during your first few months of BJJ training:

Tap Early, Tap Often

Don’t be afraid to tap in training, even if you’re not in serious danger. Tapping often preserves your body so you can live to train another day.

Focus on Defense

As a beginner, survival should be the goal. Work on protecting yourself first before trying submissions. Perfect your defensive techniques.

Pick Training Partners Wisely 

Avoid rolling with spazzy white belts your size. Prioritize rolls with experienced training partners who can provide guidance.

Master the Fundamentals

Stick to the basics taught each class. Sharpen your core techniques like shrimping, bridging, and fundamental submissions.

Give Yourself Grace

You’ll feel clumsy and lost as a white belt. Be patient with yourself. Progress takes consistent practice over time.

The beginning of your BJJ journey will challenge and humble you. But embrace the process, tune out your ego, and remember to breathe. Before you know it, you’ll be helping other white belts along their path. Oss!