BJJ White Belt FAQs: Common Questions Answered

White BJJ belt coiled on black mat

Starting Brazilian jiu-jitsu can be daunting for newcomers. From etiquette to gear, white belts have many common questions when beginning their journey. Here we answer some frequently asked BJJ FAQs for white belts:

**Q: What should I wear for the first day of class?**

A: Comfortable workout clothes like a t-shirt and shorts or spats are fine initially. Try a trial class first before purchasing a gi.

**Q: How early should I arrive before class?** 

A: At least 10-15 minutes early to sign in, put on your gear, and do some dynamic stretching. Being late is disruptive. 

**Q: What are the basic rules I should know?**

A: Tap out when caught in submissions. Don’t use excessive strength. Keep it playful during rolling. Cut your nails and tie back long hair.

**Q: Is BJJ safe for beginners?**

A: Absolutely, if you train smart. Use proper technique, tap early, and avoid rolling with spazzy opponents. Choose a school with a beginner focus.

**Q: How often should I train as a white belt?** 

A: 2-3 times per week is ideal for skill development. More than that may lead to burnout or injury. Listen to your body.

**Q: How can I remember all the techniques taught in class?** 

A: Take notes after each session on moves learned. Drill them outside class. Repetition develops muscle memory.

**Q: When will I get my blue belt?**

A: Expect 2-3 years on average to reach blue belt, but focus on daily progress. Belts come with consistency. Enjoy the journey!

Have more questions? Ask our coaches – we’re happy to help you on your BJJ path!