Finding the Right BJJ Gym: What to Look For

People grappling at a jiu jitsu gym with mats

Choosing the right Brazilian jiu jitsu gym can greatly impact your training experience and development in the art. But with so many options out there, how do you determine which academy is best for you?

Here are the most important factors to evaluate when picking a new BJJ gym:

The Instructors

A gym is only as good as its instructors. Look for black belt coaches with proven competition records and teaching skills. Make sure they focus on solid fundamentals and technical refinement.

Class Structure 

Seek out a well-organized curriculum that builds your skills progressively. Classes should cover warm ups, technique, drilling, live rolling, and cool downs. Trying a trial class is highly recommended.

Gym Culture

The vibe of a gym matters. Look for an encouraging, team-oriented atmosphere versus an overly intense or unsafe environment. You want supportive training partners.


Don’t compromise on cleanliness. The gym should be spotless with regularly washed mats, free of odors and bacteria buildup. Proper hygiene prevents infections.


BJJ isn’t cheap, but avoid breaking the bank. Compare membership fees and contract policies. Many gyms offer discounts for long-term commitments.

Location and Schedule

Choose a gym close to your home or work to make regular training convenient. Also ensure the class schedule fits your availability.

Facilities and Gear

Look for spacious mat space, clean shower rooms, and well-maintained gear like heavy/speed bags. Avoid overcrowded gyms.

Take time to carefully evaluate your options using these criteria. Finding the right academy makes training a joy instead of a chore. Now get out there and start your BJJ journey! Oss!