How to Maintain BJJ Motivation During Training Plateaus

BJJ fighter looking frustrated during training

Reaching performance plateaus is inevitable in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. During these periods of stunted growth, it’s easy to get frustrated and lose motivation. Here are some tips to maintain drive when progress stalls:

**Focus On Small Improvements**

Celebrate minor daily wins like refining a technique or having better cardio. Track small progress to stay motivated.

**Change Your Training** 

Do solo drills at home, take a private lesson, visit another academy, or compete more. Break out of training ruts.

**Set New Goals**

Give yourself fresh goals like learning a new guard or nailing a submission you’ve struggled with. Checking off goals provides a sense of accomplishment.

**Take A Break** 

A few days off can mentally recharge you. Come back hungry to train.

**Visualize Success** 

Picture yourself executing techniques flawlessly or winning matches. Positive visualization is proven to improve performance.

**Study The Greats**

Read biographies of BJJ legends to get inspired by their tireless work ethic during plateaus.  

**Enjoy The Grind**

Appreciate the incremental journey itself rather than obsessing over your end goal. Find happiness in daily training.

Plateaus are temporary. Stay focused on progress, change your mindset, and embrace the grind during these periods. Consistency through good and bad times will take your BJJ to the next level. Oss!